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Trying to break a new personal best with your training? Having problems with the one you are on now? Need a way to boost your strength to new heights?

Then listen up, because I am about to show you how.

I have helped many others increase their push up power by leaps and bounds with this $11.97 training book.

How do you suppose the strongest men and women in the world got that way? By lifting multiples of ‘one pound’ at a time. They didn’t just go out and lift their world records the first time they looked at a bar on the floor or in the rack.

The people setting the world records for the most push ups in a minute, an hour, and a day did it one push up at a time.

I will show you how you can use this same theory of one at a time to build your upper torso into a powerful push up machine.

Imagine yourself at one month, three months and a year from now being able to execute the perfect set of fifty, one hundred and more perfect push ups!

It will be like putting money into your bank account. The only difference will be you will be building your body and physical fitness levels upward each day.

The secret to your success depends on your level of commitment, your dedication to the training and your persistence in reaching your self set goals.

I offer you the road map. YOU have to follow it to be successful.

Take a look at a partial table of contents in this manual:

  • Introduction 7
    Breathing considerations 8
    Goal setting 9
    The warm-up 10
    Getting more from your push-ups 11
    Muscle actions involved in the push up 12
    Regular Program protocol 13
    Alternate routine 14
    The push up exercise-62 pages of push up variations
    Modified push ups
    Wall push ups
    Wall push up with clap
    Power rack push up
    Chair push up
    Floor push up
    Decline push up
    Advanced chain, rope, weighted and ball push ups 15
    The cool down 77
    Appendix A Performance norms 79
    The exercise models, Physical activity readiness questionnaire-(par-q),
    The author 80-83

If you are serious about getting stronger, you will be one of the first to get this manual.

Do you have any idea of what it will cost you to own this manual? 11.97

Yup, $11.97 you read it right.

That’s the full price of this information packed training manual.

For the cost of a small pizza you will have enough information in your hands to dramatically increase your upper body strength.

Why do I charge $11.97 for this manual and not more? I’ll tell you why….

The number one reason is I want it to be available to anyone who wants to be stronger. At this price the cost is within the reach of nearly everyone reading this page; even young people in school struggling to do a push up in gym class or on the playing fields across the world.

Anyone who is serious enough to pay for this manual and forgo the small pizza deserves the opportunity to excel in this exercise. And this is the manual that will do it!

My rock solid guarantee to you is this:

I will show you how to increase the power of your upper body by training with the simple push up or your money back.

But you won’t think it’s quite so simple once you begin trying some of the examples shown and start following the training schedules that are included in this manual.

Get your e-copy of Push up Power now for only $11.97 by clicking here on the button.

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Don't set limits on your potential.

Stay strong mentally and physically, and remain passionately committed to your hearts chosen path. Danny M. O'Dell, M.A. CSCS*D

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