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Eighteen weeks to greater physical fitness and improved work capacity with High Heart Rate Strength Training

Explosivelyfit focuses on the development of superior strength with the intent to help all drug free athletes reach their true strength potential. You will get stronger and more powerful using these strength training methods and tips.

Attempting to build strength without the ability of your heart to keep up the pace is an exercise in futility. This type of training is the foundation of general physical preparation for all who strive to be the best at their sport.

You may be asking yourself what is this high heart rate strength training all about. The short answer is it is a combination of both cardiovascular exercise conducted at 70-80% Target Heart Rate (THR) and strength training at 70-80% of your tested one to three repetition maximum (1-3RM). Always monitor your heart rate and keep it within the zone that helps improve your fitness but does not over stress it.

You can get started right now with this strength $9.99 manual.

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Keep training smart and strong, Danny M. O'Dell, MA. CSCS*D




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