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You Want Results!



You Want Results! by Daniel Pare

You have been working out for a few years and you can’t figure out why your bench will not go up, or any other exercises.  You are frustrated and this situation has become a burden!  Breaking through plateaus, and getting results is what this article is about.
You want to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and you are determined to do so!  Here is what you are going to do. 

In order to make gains regularly you must train in a way that you are getting results, you must train in a way that brings you closer to that goal every time you go to the gym and for some; it has become very challenging and discouraging.  Your approach to training need to be modified, you need Strength Training.      

Here is how to do it.  You want to improve your bench-press, or any other exercises…   You need to give it a break.  You are doing sets of 10 reps for instance, you are going to have to take it down to the more productive sets of 5 reps. Doing high repetition sets and then trying to establish new grounds!  You are doing too many repetitions for that to take place.  You want to break any plateau you are experiencing!  Reformulate you training volume.  The more you persist on doing what you have been doing all along, the worse it is going to get.  An example of that are sore joints.  Every time you are doing an exercise, whatever exercise it may be, you must remain strong from the beginning to the end of that set.  That is very, extremely important.  Every repetition you persist on doing under those conditions, the least likely you are to break through plateaus. 

You must give your muscles a chance, so they can get stronger.  By doing sets of 5 repetitions, each set has become more efficient and your training sessions are now more productive.  You must also take into consideration that by doing 5 reps per set you will get more out of it than 10 reps per set.  This means that not only you are going to get stronger, you are going to break through plateaus much easier. 

The question is, will you get a muscular pump?  The answer to this question is yes and that muscular pump will last longer, because your muscles are becoming stronger.  Your muscles will actually feel fuller longer.  Do only what is needed.  That is a win-win situation. 

“You want results!  You must train at the level at which you remain strong.

Daniel Pare, NCCP, CSO, CSPS, CSTS.
Strength and Conditioning Coach,
St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
email stsa1258@aol.com
web at www.stthomasstrengthathletics.com 

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