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Cutting calories to lose weight



Cutting calories to lose weight

If the goal is to lose weight then match your activity level with the calories you consume.

Too many calories in, excess fat on. It’s that simple, more or less.

Cutting calories is not the total answer to weight loss. By cutting too many calories your body becomes extremely efficient at hoarding the ones it does get. This leads to excess fat tissue build up.

Look at the body weight charts and find out your ideal weight, next decide how you are going to achieve this goal. Write it down. Let others know what it is. Get your support system in place. Find a friend who shares a common goal and work together in helping one another out.

A membership to the gym is next in line. Get professional help with your exercise program.

I can hear it now…I used to play football and this is how we did it then. Well then is a long time ago and things have changed-just look at your body in the mirror. Is this how you want it to look? Alternatively, how about when you ran track or were a cheerleader or gymnast. Without the guidance of your coaches, would you have been in the shape you were back then? It’s the same now.

A professional strength or fitness coach knows how to get results and those who work with these professionals achieve their goals on a regular basis.

Always keep in mind this thought: a super strength or fitness plan will never overcome a poor diet.

Now that you’ve decided to actually start eating better and exercising it is time to get rid of the junk in your home. Go through all of your cupboards, freezers and the refrigerator and throw away the bad food choices of the past.

If it’s there you will eventually eat it won’t you? Yes, you will and you know it so avoid the temptation and just get rid of it. Forget about the moans and groans from the rest of the family, just do it. You and they will be better off without it in the long term.

Make a shopping list of food you need and make healthy choices when you are in the store.

While there pick up a 5x8 spiral notepad to keep track of the stuff you eat or drink. Along with food and drink entries in this diary, keep track of your exercise progress on a daily basis. Keep it current and soon it becomes a healthful habit that will continue to guide and encourage you toward your fitness goals.

Health and fitness both come at a price and that price is eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis.




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