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How to regain your range of motion after a total knee replacement-A firsthand account

Senior Fitness Training: A guide to a healthier life through exercise

Dumbbell circuit training-The whole body edition

The Twenty Minute Dumbbell Total Body Workout

Exercise your way to healthier bones the Danny O'Dell way

The ultimate bench press manual

Chin up progressions

A Comprehensive Approach to Shoulder Training and Injury Resistance A strength training guideline for healthy shoulders

Osteoporosis: A trainers guide to healthier bones

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The Ten Essentials of female strength and beauty

Building Muscle Mass in the Athlete

Eighteen weeks to greater physical fitness with high heart rate strength training 

Get fit at home with minimal equipment 

Wilderness Basics for the Young Woodsman; A booklet of facts

Keeping fit on a busy schedule

Staying Fit on Your Business Trip

The best exercises to effectively build full body maximum strength

Training Efficiently For Those With Limited Time

Ten minutes to greater physical fitness-The whole body edition

Ten minute FAT BE GONE workouts

A Scientific Approach to Increased Muscle Hypertrophy, Strength and Recovery Methods

A guidebook to greater physical strength

The major warm-up and cool down stretches used in strength training programs 

How to regain your range of motion after a shoulder surgery: A firsthand account

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How To Regain Your Range Of Motion After A Total Knee Replacement

The Best Exercises To Effectively Build Full Body Maximum Strength

Ten Minutes To Greater Physical Fitness

The Twenty-Minute Dumbbell Total Body Strength Training Workout

Senior Fitness Training: A guide to a healthier life through exercise

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Explosivelyfit focuses on the development of superior strength with the intent to help all drug free athletes reach their true strength potential. You will get stronger and more powerful using these strength training methods and tips.

Is this the way you train your athletes?

So there I was searching the internet for strength training thoughts and ideas when I ran across a photo posted on a Cro..F.. site. You fill in the blank letters. Here was a guy hunched over a barbell with what looked to be two twenty-five pound bumper plates on both ends of the bar.

When I say hunched over that is exactly what I mean, he was literally hunched over the bar. His shoulders were rounded forward and at least 4-6 inches in front of the bar as he leaned over it. What’s worse was the fact that his back was one rounded semi-circle from the base of his neck to the starting of his ass. His neck was extended backward until it formed almost a 90-degree angle with his rounded back.
Moreover, the photo showed him with his elbows, which looked to be, pushing in on his knees forcing him in to a valgus position before he even started lifting the weigh off the floor. This in and of itself should have been a clue to the person squatting down (on his toes) next to the lifter with a pad and pencil or pen in hand. More here

Definition of hunch 1: to bend the body into an arch or hump <Don't hunch over when you walk.> 2: to draw up close together or into an arch <The cat hunched .

Strength tip: Finding the right strength coach

Now you have found that tomorrows take on a life of their own with a long history of tomorrows and nothing to show for the time spent. You need an expert to get you on the path of better fitness.

Finding a strength coach that fits your needs as a participating athlete in the strength sports involves more than simply signing your name to a gym membership. A good coach is a valuable asset when it comes to getting strong. Every good coach will have many if not all of the following characteristics.

Read more.

Strength tip: Factors to consider when determining rest periods between sets

To many people, a rest period means sitting down and catching their breath before moving onto the next set. While this is partially true, a rest period provides much more than that in advancing your strength, power, and ultimately your health. According to information in Optimizing Strength Training, during strength training sessions the time spent resting between sets and exercises directly influences the response of the hormonal, metabolic, and cardiorespiratory structures of the body.

Read the rest here.

Strength tip: Stretching Strength and flexibility training

Stretching and strength training go hand in hand. Start your workout with a general full body warm up then move to a dynamic upper, mid or lower torso stretch and end up with your movement specific stretch.

If you are unsure of how to make the most of your stretching exercises here is a handy twenty nine page booklet to look at and learn from. Stretching tips was written by my Australian stretching guide cohort, Brad Walker.

Stretching a the end of your strength training session helps prepare your body for the next one.

Click on Stretching tips and it will load up in an Adobe PDF.

Keep training smart and strong, Danny M. O'Dell, M.A. CSCS*D




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